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32 F
local time: 05:49 25.07.2024
timezone: UTC/GMT -3 hr
wind: m/s
pressure:, steady hPa
visibility:0 km
humidity: %
clouds: %
precipitation: mm

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The climate of the city of Crdoba, as that of most of the province, is humid subtropical, moderated by the Pampas winds, cold winds that blow from the South-western quadrant, originates in the Antarctica.

There are four marked seasons. Summers run from late November till early March, and bring days between 28 C (82 F) and 33 C (91 F) and night between 15 C (59 F) and 19 C (66 F) with frequent thunderstorms. Heat waves are common, and bring days with temperatures over 38 C (100 F) and hot, sticky nights; however, Pampero winds are sure to bring relief with thunderstorms and a day or two of cool, crisp weather: nighttime temperatures can easily descend to 12 C (54 F) or less, but the heat starts building up right away the next day.

By late February or early March, nights start getting cooler, and in March, highs average 27 C (81 F) and lows 15 C (59 F); after cold fronts, lows below 10 C (50 F) and highs below 20 C (68 F) are recorded in this month. April is significantly drier already; highs attain 24 C (75 F) on average and lows 12 C (54 F), creating very pleasant conditions. On some years, temperatures can approach or even attain the freezing point in late April; however, heat waves of up to 33 C (91 F) are still possible, but nights are rarely as hot as in the summer. May usually brings the first frosts, and very dry weather, with under 20 mm (1 in) of rain expected. Highs average 21 C (70 F) and lows average 8 C (46 F); however, when cold waves reach the area, highs may stay below 8 C (46 F) and lows can be well below freezing.

Winter lasts from late May till early September, and bring average highs of 18 C (64 F) and lows of 4 C (39 F). However, strong northwesterly winds downsloping from the mountains can bring what is known as "Veranito" (little summer) with highs of up to 30 C (86 F) or more and dusty, windy weather (but dry, pleasant nights) for 23 days. Conversely, when storms stall over the Atlantic coast, there may be several days of drizzle and cool weather, and when cold air masses invade the country from Antarctica (several times every winter), there may be one or two days with temperatures around 6 C (43 F), drizzle and high winds (which combined make it feel very cold), followed by dry, cold weather with nighttime lows between 0 C (32 F) and −5 C (23 F) and daytime highs between 8 C (46 F) and 15 C (59 F). Snowfall is very rare in the city, but more frequent in the outskirts where the Sierras begin; sleet may fall every once in a while. The record low temperature for Crdoba is −8.2 C (17.2 F). In June, only 3.5 mm (0.1 in) of rain are expected, compared to 168 mm (6.6 in) in January.

Spring is extremely variable and windy: there may be long stretches of cool, dry weather and cold nights followed by intense heat waves up to 38 C (100 F), followed by the most severe thunderstorms with hail and high winds. It is not unusual to see temperatures drop 20 C (68 F) from one day to another, or to have frost following extreme heat. Drought is most common in this season, when the normal summer rainfall arrives later than expected. By October, days are warm at 26 C (79 F) but nights remain cold at 11 C (52 F), by late November, the weather resembles summer weather with cooler nights.

source: wikipedia / Cordoba weather

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