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32 F
local time: 04:01 25.07.2024
timezone: UTC/GMT -3 hr
wind: m/s
pressure:, falling hPa
visibility:0 km
humidity: %
clouds: %
precipitation: mm

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The city has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate, according to the Kppen classification.[10] In summer, mean temperatures are between 17 C (63 F) and 28 C (82 F), and 32 C (90 F) on the hottest days. In winter, are between 11 C (52 F) and 23 C (73 F), and 6 C (43 F). on the coldest days. The highest temperature recorded was 35.3 C (95.5 F) on November 15, 1985. and the lowest recorded was −2 C (28 F) on August 2, 1955, and on the same day −3.8 C (25.2 F) was recorded unofficially.

The average temperatures throughout the year are similar to those of Sydney and Los Angeles. The Tropic of Capricorn, at about 2327' S, passes through north of São Paulo and roughly marks the boundary between the tropical and temperate areas of South America. Because of its elevation, however, São Paulo enjoys a distinctly temperate climate.[12] Rainfall is abundant, amounting to an annual average of 1,454 millimetres (57.2 in). It is especially common in the warmer months average of 219 millimetres (8.6 in), and decreases in winter, average of 47 millimetres (1.9 in). Neither São Paulo nor the nearby coast has ever been hit by a tropical cyclone, and tornadic activity is uncommon. Snow flurries were reported officially only once, on June 25, 1918.

During late winter, especially August, the city experiences the phenomenon known as "veranico" or "verãozinho" ("little summer"), which consists of a bout of unusually hot and dry weather, sometimes reaching temperatures well above 28 C (82 F). On the other hand, relatively cool days during summer are fairly common when persistent winds blow from the ocean. On such occasions daily high temperatures may not surpass 20 C (68 F), accompanied by lows often below 15 C (59 F), however, summer can be extremely hot when a heat wave hits the city followed by temperatures around 34 C (93 F) but on places with more skyscraper density and low forest, the sensation can hit even 39 C (102 F), like in Paulista Avenue for example. Like the summer of 2012 February in São Paulo, when the city was affected by a heat wave that lasted for 2 weeks with below going from 29 C (84 F) to 34 C (93 F) on the hottest days.

source: wikipedia / Sao Paulo weather

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