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Dominica actual weather and longterm weather forecast for Dominica in May and June. You can view actual weather in Dominica thru online Dominica webcams.

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The island's climate is tropical, moderated by northeast trade winds and heavy rainfall. Dominica has a tropical wet climate with characteristically warm temperatures and heavy rainfall. Excessive heat and humidity are tempered somewhat by a steady flow of the northeast trade winds, which periodically develop into hurricanes. The steep interior slopes also alter temperatures and winds. Temperature ranges are slight. Average daytime temperatures generally vary from 26 C (78.8 F) in January to 32 C (89.6 F) in June. Diurnal ranges are usually no greater than 3 C (5.4 F) in most places, but temperatures dipping to 13 C (55.4 F) on the highest peaks are not uncommon.

Most of the island's ample supply of water is brought by the trade winds. Although amounts vary with the location, rain is possible throughout the year, with the greatest monthly totals recorded from June through October. Average yearly rainfall along the windward east coast frequently exceeds 5,000 mm (196.9 in), and exposed mountainsides receive up to 9,000 mm (354.3 in), among the highest accumulations in the world. Totals on the leeward west coast, however, are only about 1,800 mm (70.9 in) per year. Humidities are closely tied to rainfall patterns, with the highest values occurring on windward slopes and the lowest in sheltered areas. Relative humidity readings between 70 percent and 90 percent have been recorded in Roseau.

Hurricanes and severe winds, most likely to occur during the wettest months, occasionally are devastating. The most recent hurricanes of note were David and Frederic in August 1979 and Allen in August 1980.

source: wikipedia / Dominica weather