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Saint Lucia actual weather and longterm weather forecast for Saint Lucia in May and June. You can view actual weather in Saint Lucia thru online Saint Lucia webcams.

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32 F
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32 F
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32 F
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Saint Lucia is in the tropical zone, although its climate is moderated by northeast trade winds. Since it's fairly close to the equator, the temperature doesn't fluctuate much between winter and summer. The dry season is from December to June, and the rainy season is from June to November. Average daytime temperatures are around 29 C (84.2 F), and average nighttime temperatures are around 18 C (64.4 F). Average annual rainfall ranges from 1,300 mm (51.2 in) on the coast to 3,810 mm (150 in) in the mountain rainforests.

source: wikipedia / Saint Lucia weather