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Actual weather in Beirut and weather forecast Beirut for 14 days. Weather forecast Beirut for May and June.

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32 F
local time: 05:04 22.05.2024
timezone: UTC/GMT +2 hr
wind: m/s
pressure:, rising hPa
visibility:0 km
humidity: %
clouds: %
precipitation: mm

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Beirut longterm forecast

Beirut has a Mediterranean climate characterized by a hot, humid yet rainless summer, a pleasant autumn and spring, and a cool, rainy winter. August is the hottest month, with a monthly average high temperature of 32 C (90 F), and January and February are the coldest months, with a monthly average low temperature of 10 C (50 F). The prevailing wind during the afternoon and evening is from the west (onshore, blowing in from the Mediterranean); at night it reverses to offshore, blowing from the land out to sea.

The average annual rainfall is 890 millimetres (35 in), with the majority falling in winter, autumn and spring. Much of the autumn and spring rain falls in heavy downpours on a limited number of days, but in winter it is spread more evenly over a large number of days. Summer receives very little rainfall, if any. Snow is rare and does not usually settle, but hail and sleet can occur quite often in winter. Large snowstorms, however, occurred in 1920, 1942 and 1950.

source: wikipedia / Beirut weather

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32 F
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32 F
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32 F
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