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Actual weather in Caracas and weather forecast Caracas for 14 days. Weather forecast Caracas for September and October.

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Caracas actual weather

32 F
local time: 02:47 15.09.2019
timezone: UTC/GMT -4 hr
wind: m/s
pressure:, steady hPa
visibility:0 km
humidity: %
clouds: %
precipitation: mm

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Caracas longterm forecast

Caracas has a Tropical savanna climate. Caracas is also intertropical, with precipitation that varies between 900 and 1,300 millimeters (3551 in) (annual), in the city proper, and up to 2,000 millimeters (79 in) in some parts of the Mountain range. While Caracas is within the tropics, due to its altitude temperatures are generally not nearly as high as other tropical locations at sea level. The annual average temperature is approximately 23.1 C (74 F), with the average of the coldest month (January) 21.1 C (70 F) and the average of the warmest month (May) 25.0 C (77 F), which gives a small annual thermal amplitude of 3.9 C (7.02 F).

In the months of December and January abundant fog may appear, in addition to a sudden nightly drop in temperature, until reaching 7 C (45 F) or less. This peculiar weather is known by the natives of Caracas as the Pacheco. In addition, nightly temperatures at any time of the year are much (12 to 16 C) lower than daytime highs and usually do not remain above 20 C (68 F), resulting in very pleasant evening temperatures. Hail storms appear in Caracas, although only on rare occasions. Electrical storms are much more frequent, especially between June and October, due to the city being in a closed valley and the orographic action of Cerro El vila.

source: wikipedia / Caracas weather

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