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Spain actual weather and longterm weather forecast for Spain in June and July. You can view actual weather in Spain thru online Spain webcams.

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32 F
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32 F
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32 F
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32 F
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Three main climatic zones can be separated, according to geographical situation and orographic conditions:
The Mediterranean climate, characterized by dry and warm summers. According to the Kppen climate classification, it is dominant in the peninsula, with two varieties: Csa and Csb.

The semiarid climate, located in the southeastern quarter of the country, especially in the region of Murcia and in the Ebro valley. In contrast with the Mediterranean climate, the dry season extends beyond the summer.

The oceanic climate, located in north quarter of the country, especially in the region of Basque Country, Asturias, Cantabria and partly Galicia. In contrary to the Mediterranean climate, winter and summer temperatures are influenced by the ocean, and have no seasonal drought.

Apart from these main types, other sub-types can be found, like the alpine climate in the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada, and a typical subtropical climate in the Canary Islands

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