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Malawi actual weather and longterm weather forecast for Malawi in May and June. You can view actual weather in Malawi thru online Malawi webcams.

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Malawi's climate is generally tropical. A rainy season runs from November to April. There is little to no rainfall throughout much of the country from May to October. It is hot and humid from September to April along the lake and in the lower Shire Valley, with average daytime maxima around 27 to 29 C (80.6 to 84.2 F). Lilongwe is also hot and humid during these months, albeit far less than in the south. The rest of the country is warm during those months with a maximum temperature during the day around 25 C (77 F).

From June through August, the lake areas and south are comfortably warm, with daytime maxima of around 23 C (73.4 F), but the rest of Malawi can be chilly at night, with temperatures ranging from 1014 C (5057.2 F). High altitude areas such as Mulanje and Nyika are often cold at night (around 68 C / 42.846.4 F) during June and July. Karonga in the far north shows little variation in temperature with maximum daytime temperature remaining around 25 to 26 C (77 to 78.8 F) all year round but is unusual in that April and May are the wettest times of the year due to strengthening southerly winds along the lake.

source: wikipedia / Malawi weather